The Best Little City in the Country

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the City of Santa Clara incorporated? 1999

What are the office hours?  Office hours are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday

Do I need a building permit? Yes, contact office for Building Permit Application

In view of the financial crisis that the Country is experiencing, have you considered postponing the city tax since this is going to create a burden on the residents of Santa Clara and especially those of a firm income?
Yes! In fact we have postponed the city tax for almost 10 years.

What would happen if a resident is unable to pay the new city tax?
The process would be similar to any other tax such as county or school. Penalties would accrue and eventually liens would be attached.

What exemptions are being considered when applying the tax?
-Agricultural Exemption
-Over 65 and/or disabled tax freeze will be considered later.

Do you intent to hire a full time person to collect and administer the City Tax? If so where is the money coming from?
The collection and administration of the city tax would be handled by the Guadelupe County Tax Collection (Tavie Murphy). The fees involved would be withheld from the taxes collected.